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Recombinant Proteins

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Recombinant human bFGF--1 mg SJA09-10 Basic fibroblast growth factor, also known as bFGF, FGF2 or FGF-β, is a member of the fibroblast growth factor family. FGF family members bind heparin and possess broad mitogenic and angiogenic activities. bFGF has been implicated in diverse biological processes, such as limb and nervous system development, wound healing, and tumor growth. It is a very important component of iPS growth medium.
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Recombinant PFO* (1 mg) CB-170411c Perfringolysin O (PFO) is a Clostridium perfringens derived, soluble toxin that forms large, homo-oligomeric pore complexes capable of binding to cholesterol-containing membranes. Because of its specificity for cholesterol, PFO has been used to label intracellular cholesterol. However, the wild type PFO is toxic to the cells. To alleviate the cytotoxic properties, a mutant form of PFO, PFO*, was constructed. It contains two point mutations: Y181A and C459A. It was subcloned into pET28a vector with a 6-His tag at the N-terminus. Recombinant 6H-PFO* was expressed in BL21(DE3) host cells, induced by IPTG and purified from soluble lysate by Ni-sepharose affinity column.
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Recombinant RUNX1 (CBFa2)-1 mg CB-170411d RUNX1, aka, CBFa2, is a transcription factor that forms a complex with the cofactor CBFB. This complex provides stability to the RUNX1 protein which is involved in the generation of hematopoietic stem cells and for their differentiation into myeloid and lymphoid lines.
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